Ace (Vrchat PC + Quest)

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"The Universe is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die."


↳│SDK 3.0

↳│Latest poiyomi 8 toon or Pro

↳│Physbones, NOT dynamic bones

↳│All features shown off in video

↳│Green can toggle over coat, Mask, Cubemap, Check time, ASL toggle and index finger tracking toggle.

↳│4 different prefabs (normal, DPS, green, GOLD)

↳│3 extra skin tones included!


regular version (and GOLD):

↳│96k polys

↳│14 material slots

↳│In game size: 19mb

↳│9 skined mesh renders

↳│102mb of VRAM usage

↳│Overall an optimized avatar

Green version:

↳│68k polys

↳│4 material slots

↳│In game size: 16mb

↳│2 skined mesh renders

↳│66mb of VRAM usage

↳│Overall a very optimized avatar

Quest version:

↳│63k polys

↳│4 material slots

↳│in game size: 7mb

↳│2 skined mesh renders

↳│36mb of VRAM usage

↳│Has mask open and close animations and ASL toggle

↳│Quest friends said it doesn't affect their frames in the slightest

Note* Poiyomi Pro is required for DPS variant along with the DPS package

regular variant only requires the latest Poiyomi Toon


Crabman's base

Das it, I made everything else :P
Special thanks to Crisis for help with testing.

And thank you to r0botsnail for making the alternate skin tones


Import the base version of ACE after all other scripts (poyiomi, dps, etc) then you can import the other versions of ACE such as the GOLD version or the GREEN version as they both use assets from the BASE package.

The quest version of ACE can be put in without any other ACE packages.


★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models/avatars is prohibited under any circumstances.

★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my assets is prohibited under any circumstances unless they are on a model which is for sale.

★│Making any of my assets public is prohibited, Unless they are on a public version of your model.

★│Making any of my avatars public is prohibited, This includes any edits you make to them.

★│No refunds under any circumstances, if there is an issue please contact my discord where I can assist you.

★│Asset mining, texture stealing, or using my edits is prohibited. You may not take anything off my models or public versions of models that include my assets.

★│By purchasing my avatar you agree to have basic avatar uploading and editing knowledge.

★│By purchasing my asset you agree to have basic editing knowledge in the 3D software of your choice .

★│You MUST credit me if you use an asset on your avatar by hyperlinking back to my store


★│By purchasing this asset/avatar you agree to all the above rules.


Ace patch notes 1.4:


-Weight painting fixes

-Robot arm no longer clips through clothing (was an animation problem)

-updated to Phys bones!

-updated to poiyomi 8!


-Added wrist buttons on both hands

-Left hand has a button that shows time and fps

-Right hand has 3 buttons that controls mask state

-Brand new Phone system made by me! -12 buttons all easily configurable!

-can be holstered in any location (in unity)

I want this!

Ace model all ready to go

In-game size:


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Ace (Vrchat PC + Quest)

24 ratings
I want this!