Apollo (Vrchat)

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I want this!

Apollo (Vrchat)

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"Music fuels my soul, literally"


↳│SDK 3.0

↳│Unity 2019 Package

↳│Latest poiyomi 8 toon or Pro (Pro is required for AudioBump, more down below)

↳│Physbones, NOT dynamic bones

↳│All features shown off in video

↳│3 different prefabs

↳│orange optimization and red


↳│Orange is 69.3k polys, Red is 74k

↳│Red has Cam's throw joint

↳│Orange: 15 mats, red: 19

↳│Orange in-game size: 13.78mb red: 15.36mb

↳│Red: 159mb VRAM

↳│Orange: 108mb VRAM

↳│Main difference is Orange doesn't have Cam's ball

↳│Both have Audio link!


↳│ HAHAHAHAHA! Me. I made it.

↳│and cam for the Throwjoint <3

Hey you! yeah you reading, listen u better read this bc I swear if any of you come to me saying something isn't working bc u didn't read this part I'ma slap you. and then help you.

With the new Apollo 1.4 update Apollo can now move his visualizers with Audio link! this is huge for DJ's and generally looking cool :P but for it to work you need to buy a separate product called AudioBump, It's only $5 and trust me it's worth it.

just follow the tutorial on how to add it and everything will be good to go, you can find Apollo's AudioBump generated textures in his texture files. If you get stuck on anything just join my discord and ill help you out!


My Discord

Use latest Vrchat SDK, latest poiyomi toon or Pro shader and dynamic bones.

You only require pro for Audio link and DPS, you can just use toon if you don't need it.

★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is prohibited under any circumstances.

★│Making any of my models public is prohibited, this includes edits. Only private uploads.

★│No refunds under any circumstances, if there is an issue please contact the discord.

Asset mining, texture stealing, or using my edits is prohibited. You may not take anything off my models.

★│By purchasing my model you agree to have basic avatar uploading knowledge.

★│ Neato thing about Apollo being from scratch I can actually DMCA people with no grey area, how cool is that?

★│By purchasing this model you agree to all the above rules.

I want this!

Apollo package



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