Nova (Vrchat PC)

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I want this!

Nova (Vrchat PC)

Lod's Galaxy Hub
27 ratings

"Chrome has nothing on a well placed shot"


↳│SDK 3.0

↳│Latest poiyomi 8 toon or Pro


↳│All features shown off in video

↳│Spring joint, GoGo Loco, Gun toggle, Knife toggle, Force fallback, ASL hand toggle, Gestures toggle for index, Hair length, Hair color, Punk top, Tank top, Pants, Panties, Boots, Gloves and pasties toggle.

↳│4 different prefabs (normal, DPS, green, GOLD)

↳│3 extra skin tones included!

Statistics (normal)

↳│100.3k tris

↳│In game size: 31 mb

↳│178mb of VRAM usage

↳│Skinned mesh renders: 11
↳│Well optimized avatar


↳│100.3k tris

↳│In game size: 37mb

↳│195mb of VRAM usage

↳│Skinned mesh renders: 11
↳│Well optimized avatar'

Green and quest version coming in the future.

Note* Poiyomi Pro is NOT required for DPS variant but the DPS package IS.


Crisis: For head sculpt, head blendshapes and for making the hair (also bc they are awesome)

Mowster: eye texture


The lovely r0botsnail for the alternate skin tones

Odin#2113 for the particles and gun shot
Cici: Head

Rhoda: boots

Kri: Hair texture


All textures (besides eye and hair)

Jacket, Pants, Body, Revolver, knife, cybernetic arm.

All animations and unity logic by Me

Import the base version of Nova after all other scripts (poyiomi, dps, etc) then you can import the other versions of Nova such as the GOLD version.


★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is prohibited under any circumstances.

★│Making any of my models public is prohibited, this includes edits. Only private uploads.

★│No refunds under any circumstances, if there is an issue please contact my discord.

Asset mining, texture stealing, or using my edits is prohibited. You may not take anything off my models.

★│By purchasing my model you agree to have basic avatar uploading knowledge.

★│By purchasing this model you agree to all the above rules.

I want this!

Nova model all ready to go, 2 4k renders

In game size:
Polys: 98k


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