VRChat Phone system

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VRChat Phone system

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What is the VRChat Phone system?

It's a phone system designed to be easy to install on any vrchat avatar.

The system has many different buttons that can be tailored to your liking.

Both an insulation guide and a video of it working in game can be found right here on this gumroad page!

Easy to add to your avatar!

Easy background changing and easy color changing all in unity in a non destructive way.

Icon print so you can easily add your custom icons in any editing program (eg: photoshop, gimp etc)

All in 1 material.

if you have any trouble with this phone system you can find my lovely community here that will be happy to help you!

Guide to setting it up

Example of it working in game!


↳│Tris: 968

↳│1 material

Comes with: FBX, Material, Unity system

-Uses Poiyomi 8 toon

★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my assets is prohibited under any circumstances.

★│Making any of my assets public is prohibited.

★│No refunds under any circumstances, if there is an issue please contact the discord.

Asset mining, texture stealing, or using my edits is prohibited. You may not take anything off my models.

★│By purchasing my asset you agree to have basic avatar uploading and editing knowledge.

★│You MUST credit me if this is used on a for sale model by hyperlinking to my store


★│By purchasing this asset you agree to all the above rules.

The render for the animation took over 5 hours

Honestly completely worth it.

Please also note this system is built to work with Write defaults OFF!

how to do that: https://youtu.be/Eiu7jMC7mgg

Join my discord!
I want this!

FBX, textures and unity package


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