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Robot arm MK 4AR

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The Arms I made from scratch for my model Ace

↳│All textures by me

↳│All mesh by me

↳│Tris: 11.8k Style 2: 11.6k

↳│Full PBR textures

↳│One material

↳│Unity material included

↳│Just merge armatures and its ready to go!

(Please know how to properly delete faces so it fits)

If you require a better look at the Arms I suggest you watch Ace's showcase

★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models/avatars is prohibited under any circumstances.

★│Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my assets is prohibited under any circumstances unless they are on a model which is for sale.

★│Making any of my assets public is prohibited, Unless they are on a public version of your model.

★│Making any of my avatars public is prohibited, This includes any edits you make to them.

★│No refunds under any circumstances, if there is an issue please contact my discord where I can assist you.

★│Asset mining, texture stealing, or using my edits is prohibited. You may not take anything off my models or public versions of models that include my assets.

★│By purchasing my avatar you agree to have basic avatar uploading and editing knowledge.

★│By purchasing my asset you agree to have basic editing knowledge in the 3D software of your choice .

★│You MUST credit me if you use an asset on your avatar by hyperlinking back to my store


★│By purchasing this asset/avatar you agree to all the above rules.

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FBX, textures, unity materials


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Robot arm MK 4AR

10 ratings
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